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iStock_000056477568_XXXLargeDigital interaction is the new normal for all of us, and digitally native millenials are a generation of switchers, with a reputation for being cost conscious, requiring lower levels of face-to-face service, and having a heavy bias towards social media. Ignore the digital requirements and instant, cost-effective servicing expectations of your customers at your peril!

However digital interaction requires transparency and accountability – two factors that your Compliance and Risk Officers are acutely aware of. In order for digital transformation projects to be successful, you must be certain that a complete audit trail of all digital interactions can be maintained.

TOP 10 REAsons to choose qumram

  • Capture 100% of all digital interactions along the customer journey. Anything less than 100%, in terms of user session record and replay, is simply not compliant.
  • Track every individual's dynamic experience. When visiting the same page, on the same website, at the same time, two individuals may be presented with completely different personalized content. Qumram records user sessions, not only page activity, to ensure 100% capture.
  • Gain a single client view. Place the client at the center of your business, and view all digital interactions, regardless of channel, in one place. Qumram even co-exists with the leading voice recording solutions, for a 360-degree view.
  • Maintain focus on business growth. Your Digital Marketing team can focus on client servicing, and executing revenue generating campaigns, rather than spending time in lengthy meetings debating the compliance aspects of your digital business.
  • A quick win for Compliance in your digital business. There is no shortage of compliance projects to tackle. Qumram offers a quick, easy 'tick in the box', when satisfying regulatory requirements for complete, long-term digital interaction record-keeping, allowing Compliance to switch focus to other, more challenging mandates.
  • Eliminate human error and delays. When disputes or queries arise, an exact replica of every digital interaction can be recalled, directly by your compliance team. No need for IT involvement, or manual analysis of system logs, which takes time, is prone to error, and could never be 100% reliable.
  • Improve service quality and increase customer loyalty. Customer service and support staff can recall an indisputable record of every interaction, in an instant, thereby accelerating issue resolution rates and gaining credibility with customers.
  • Counter-act fraud. By monitoring all digital activity, internal and external, individuals who are acting inappropriately are automatically identified, and you can take decisive action to prevent  fraud.
  • Achieve highly secure, seamless integration: With a fully open architecture, Qumram integrates easily with your pre-existing technology infrastructure, and supports all current security standards. All data passing between the web server and browsers remains private and intact.
  • Gather compliant insights for valuable business intelligence. The big data captured through the session recording process can be used for customer behavior analytics, to improve critical business processes, formulate effective revenue-growth strategies, and enrich client experience.

The cost of doing nothing

Your business is at risk if you fail to record 100%, across   all digital channels. Delaying digital initiatives for fear of non-compliance is not an option, as this can only lead to loss of competitive advantage.

Many regions are already governed by regulatory requirements for digital interaction record-keeping (e.g. SEC17a-4). In some cases (e.g. MiFID II), although the deadline for compliance has been extended, it makes sense for you to tackle this easy-to-fix aspect early on.

And if compliance is not compelling enough, then the very real concern of fraud or conduct risk – where your only defense is to provide indelible evidence that you acted appropriately – is surely your reason to act now. The longer you leave it, the more exposed you will be!







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