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Patrick Siegenthaler
Patrick Siegenthaler
September 30, 2015


How to engage with patients and at the same time fulfill regulatory compliance?

by Patrick Barnert – CEO Qumram , Ruedi F. Blattmann – Managing Partner and Don Rosen – US Lead Partner, LSCP.

Data protection is a very delicate topic, much more if we talk about patient data. Given the immense sensitivity of health-related information, it is imperative companies, regulators and professionals in this sector to be clear about their use of personal data.

The world is changing at lightning speed in a disruptive way. Technology is transforming long standing industries as well as created new industries along the way and, on this pathway, healthcare is not an exception. The digital revolution in this area appears to have been long promised but much delayed; until now!

We invite you to listen to these webinars we paint a picture of the current situation about digital data protection on patients and how fulfil – current and forthcoming – regulatory compliance while innovating. We start to dissect and analyze the factors involved. Then, technology enabled, you will learn how Qumram’s platform is used by healthcare organizations to ensure compliance, record evidence, detect/prevent fraud and improve customer experience by balancing innovation and risk in the digital market place to work in favor of patients.

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