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Lucy Heavens
April 27, 2017


Social media usage in financial services is one of today’s hottest and most widely discussed topics.

There are 2.8 billion social media users globally. Nearly 50% of respondents in a recent American Bankers Association survey believe that customers will be using social media as their primary source of bank communications within 5 years (view infographic).

But for many, the use of social media for 1-to-1 communications in financial services raises a whole host of questions, between colleagues in compliance, IT, marketing and operations.

Join our webinar on May 3 to hear industry experts debate:

  • The truth about social media in financial services: do customers really want it, and if so, what for
  • How are banks and other financial institutions reacting?
  • Is the use of social media for two-way communication in financial services a reality today?
  • What are the compliance and risk challenges associated with social media usage; how can they be mitigated?
  • Which financial institutions are leading the way?
  • Should banks build their own social platforms to avoid compliance and control issues?

Who should attend?

  • All marketing professionals wanting to offer social media as a client communication channel, but having difficulty satisfying compliance
  • All compliance officers tired of blocking social media projects (and other digital initiatives), because they could increase risk
  • Anyone who is responsible for compliance IT and operations, and is looking for answers that will satisfy both marketing and compliance

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