Qumram sets up development subsidiary in Barcelona

April 9, 2014


09.04.2014 – Qumram, the Zurich based software vendor set up a subsidiary in Barcelona.

Qumram, the Zurich based vendor of Web Information Governance and Web-Archiving software, set up a subsidiary in Barcelona for the future development of its software. The development operation is headed by David Carballo, who previously had leading positions at the Swiss pharmaceutical Roche Diagnostics and at Hewlett-Packard.

„In Barcelona we found ideal conditions for the development of our software products. Additionally, we like the Mediterranean air of the city and the easy reachability from Switzerland.“, says Simon Scheurer, Head of Product Management at Qumram.

Qumram is looking forward to the exchange amongst the „connexió Suïssa“ with Erni Consulting and Netcentric, who are located in the same office building in Barcelona.



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