Qumram LDAP Connector

Andreas Estermann
Andreas Estermann
November 12, 2013


The Qumram Discovery Server is now fully integrated with LDAP for authentication and/or authorization.

The key features of the qumram LDAP connector include:

  • LDAP connector configuration in XML
  • Authentication through LDAP or directly through Windows Authentication in IIS
  • Authorization using LDAP groups
  • Different authorization levels for all tenants (read, manage)

Qumram LDAP Connector

The LDAP Connector allows administrators to use existing LDAP servers (e.g. the Microsoft Active Directory) as the master source for all user and group information. Typically, an LDAP integration is also part of a SSO (single sign-on) implementation. SSO is ideally done directly in IIS using the Windows Authentication.

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