PWC US CEO Survey supports Qumram’s market positioning.

Núria Villa
Núria Villa
May 27, 2015


I just came across the newest PWC US CEO survey.  The survey states that the CEOs are looking to double down on customer facing tech. They want to redouble efforts to tailor the customer’s experience. It’s a mind shift on where differentiation can take place. This reflects also that C-level have understood that it’s a consumer driven market. That the customer experience can make all the difference in being successful or not.

Forrester “Mind the Gap” study defines that Customer Experience is also key to your digital success. To understand the customer experience you need to capture and measure it. But the Forrester study also found out that 67% of companies do NOT feel their current digital analytics provide the insights they need for the future.

So what? You first need to start capturing the customer experience and analyze it to gain insights on it. This is where Qumram’s strength lies in recording all customer interactions & engagements, analyzing the unstructured data in real-time and visualizing the Omni-channel customer journey & experience.

This goes hand in hand with 50% of the CEOs who see very high value in the data itself and data analytics. At Qumram we recommend our clients to record the data immediately because in worst case it can be analyzed later. If you don’t capture now that one interaction is gone forever. So does the next one and again the next… Record the data now!

Besides knowing your customers and providing a tailored customer experience you need to ensure “Digital Trust” to successful transform digitally. Digital trust faces multiple dimensions:

  1. Having trust in your data – therefore is the session replay function of the customer experience and the journey visualization so important. You can see at any time how the data was generated originally.
  2. Customers & Users having trust in you – if you don’t comply with regulations e.g. data privacy, consumer protection guidance, etc. your customers will shy away or you will put your company reputation at risk!
  3. And last but not least to ensure digital trust you need to protect your data and company against fraudulent behavior including cybersecurity.

US CEOs see very high value in digital technology in (1) Customer Experience, (b) Data and data analytics and (C) Digital trust. This reflects very well Qumram’s market position – we record all customer experience, preserve it for regulatory needs and analyze / visualize it to gain insights in fraudulent behavior or how to improve the customer experience.                                                                                         

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