Big Data Guru of the very first hour joins Qumram

Patrick Barnert
Patrick Barnert
October 6, 2015

Peter Kunszt is an entrepreneur and a Big Data expert of the very first hour, before the term was even coined. “We are excited that Peter is joining the Qumram team.” said Patrick Barnert, CEO of Qumram. “He’s the perfect profile you dream of to drive the Qumram platform to the next level. He’s breathing ‘extreme data’ since years. He excels in building solutions to highly complex problems and he has that highly positive can-do attitude. Peter is a great leader and a perfect fit for us.”

  • Peter is one of the builders of the Science Archive of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey [1] at the Johns Hopkins University in the group of Alex Szalay, cooperating closely with Microsoft Research’s late Jim Grey. The SDSS archive was the basis for today’s Virtual Observatory and was the most successful project in Astrophysics ever.
  • Peter headed the development section of the first Grid Data Management section at CERN, building the high-throughput tools to distribute CERN’s massive data volumes around the globe. Those services are still at the core of today’s Worldwide LHC Computing Grid LCG [2].
  • Then he built the Swiss LCG node at the Swiss National Supercomputing Center CSCS [3] as Head of the Distributed High Throughput Computing Group and co-initiated the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, PRACE, the largest supercomputing project of Europe which is still running today [4].
  • He then switched his attention to the Life Science domain, leading the SyBIT project of the Swiss Initiative for Systems Biology [5] from the ETH Zurich, which has built a collection of highly innovative projects to analyze Genomics, Proteomics and Imaging data, providing wealth of tools for the analysis of complex digital data for fundamental biology research. Those tools are now being established in the healthcare sector.
  • Before joining Qumram, Peter has established the new Science IT Support unit of the University of Zurich, S3IT [5], including Switzerland’s largest academic cloud the OpenStack-based UZH ScienceCloud.

Peter has successfully initiated several spinoffs from the ETH and the University of Zurich. He is an extremely well-connected, internationally renowned expert in Data Analysis and Data Management, High Performance and High Throughput Computing on both HPC and Cloud resources.

Simon Scheurer, Qumram’s CTO explained: “Peter is heading our Product Management organization. His contributions will be essential to assure Qumram’s world-class role in innovative data analytics as a Big Data company, and he brings with him the innovative and agile mindset that perfectly matches with our company culture. On behalf of the Qumram Team I want to extend a heartfelt welcome to Peter!”



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