Suva Insurance Creating a holistic corporate information and management program


Integration of web information into holistic records management program


Suva insures more than 121,000 companies, and 1.95 million individuals (employed and unemployed), against the consequences of accidents and occupational diseases. Efficient communication and information management is key to customer satisfaction. Suva’s goal was to apply corporate records management principles holistically, across all corporate websites.


Solution with qumram

Qumram enables Suva to record all requested web pages, and create individual records automatically. Qumram applies the existing corporate records management classification system, including defined retention periods, and ensures seamless integration with SUVA’s Enterprise Content Management System (IBM FileNet).



Qumram allows Suva to publish regulated information on their website (e.g. relating to the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases), which complies with company’s existing records management guidelines. The automated capture and retention management processes save effort, and allow Suva to optimize usage across their web channels.

Before Qumram, our content publishers used to screenshot web pages that included regulated information. With Qumram, recorded web pages are automatically captured and transferred into our enterprise content management system, providing unified access to all relevant corporate information, including web-based content.
Anna Wüest-Sokolnicka
Operationally responsible for web archiving


  • OpenText Livelink WCMS
  • IBM FileNet

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