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Qumram ensures preservation and accessibility across multiple web platforms and technologies.


PROJECT CONSULT is an impartial management consultancy in the field of Information Management. The founder and CEO of PROJECT CONSULT has been claiming persistence in the Internet as a major challenge of the information society. PROJECT CONSULT’s business and consulting model is based on creating and distributing knowledge. The goal of the web archiving project was to preserve and keep accessible 17 years of web based thematic information sites independent of underlying technologies. The regurlarly updated different web presences of PROJECT CONSULT used platforms like Microsoft SharePoint, Coextant Hyper.Net, Microsoft Word/SQL Server, WordPress, Drupal, etc.



Qumram was instrumental in providing public access to 17 years of knowledge and creating persistency of all PROJECT CONSULT web content. PROJECT CONSULT’s clients and web visitors are able to access, browse through and download the information from all previous web sites and stored documents.



PROJECT CONSULT had been keeping 6 outdated web site versions available on different platforms and via different providers. Regular updates and migrations did cost a lot of ressources and budget. PROJECT CONSULT utilized Qumram’s technology to get independent from implemented proprietary technology and create an efficient solution on one platform, with no broken links and with HTML5 as universal format avoiding future migrations.

Anytime access and continuity are crucial in the fast changing online world we live in. 404 errors are not acceptable, and we needed to improve reliability. After an extensive market analysis we found that Qumram is the only product that enables 100% replication of every user’s online experience. Therefore, Qumram is the only session record and replay solution that enables web-based information to be managed in a compliant and consistent way.
Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer
CEO PROJECT CONSULT, and international expert on archival and preservation


  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Coextant


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