Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs Capturing online activity to improve knowledge retention and ensure regulatory compliance

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Qumram retains web and social media activities independent from technologies and infrastructures


As a public authority, the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) must comply with many regulations relating to the classification of information, including the Swiss Federal Act on Archiving, and other guidelines issued by the Swiss Federal Archives. Governmental activities that occur on the website or on social media must also comply with these regulations.

A substantial part of the FDFA’s communication and expertise is administered via web platforms. Therefore the retention of this kind of information has become business critical.


In phase one of the implementation, Qumram enabled the FDFA to securely capture information from corporate web channels, as well as external sources, such as blogs and video streaming content. For transparency and validation purposes, all content changes on captured web pages are automatically highlighted. In phase two, all captured data will be submitted to the Swiss Federal Archives for long term archiving.



Internal research has proved that the FDFA benefits from far greater retention of knowledge, and from more cost-effective technology lifecycle management. With Qumram, the requirement to migrate web-based information from one system to the another has been eliminated, and the original user experience has been maintained. In addition, the FDFA has laid the foundation to comply with the existing governmental regulations on in a sustainable and reliable way.

Qumram allows us to retain invaluable corporate information, consistently and with minimal dependency on technology and infrastructure. This is exactly what we need, to support our global and constantly changing environment.
Andreas Schöne
Head Intraweb Applications


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