CSS Group Delivering massive reductions in time taken to retrieve intranet information


Qumram increases efficiency with faster access to versioned intranet information


One of the most frequently accessed items of content on the CSS Intranet is the Insurance Services Terms and Conditions manual. Employees are constantly viewing different versions, and CSS must ensure that all the information is current, correct and audit-proof.  Key goals included:

  • Records management: unified and centralized management and monitoring of all information relating to insurance services, terms and conditions, and process instructions, including automated versioning
  • Customer service: reduced retrieval times and increased customer inquiry response quality
  • Performance accounting: shortened access times to valid insurance offerings, including previous versions.


With Qumram, CSS can provide direct access to all relevant information, and previously valid versions. Just like a time machine, employees are able to browse these different versions in complete and accurate form.



Qumram ensures data authenticity and integrity. As a result, CSS can access billing information and and execute internal auditing processes in a much shorter timescale. Customer services has been able to significantly improve service quality and dramatically reduce time to resolution.

Qumram established a system for the automated recording and revision management of our online content – we couldn’t have done it without them. This system enables us to meet all relevant compliance standards, and has substantially reduced our resourcing requirements.
Urs Barmettler
Project Manager


  • Adobe Experience Manager

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