The Digital Business Challenge
How do you reconcile the revenue generation and customer service needs of your digital business with compliance and risk?

Customers are demanding greater flexibility, convenience and instant access. As a customer-centric business, with customer service and revenue generation top of mind, the need to engage clients via their channel of choice – web, mobile or social – has never been higher.

In highly regulated sectors, such as financial services, projects designed to raise digital interactivity are likely to result in challenging discussions between your Head of Digital Marketing and your Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, whose fear of non-compliance, corporate, and personal liability is very real.

Qumram’s unique session recording, replay and web archival solution captures every keystroke, every mouse movement and every button click, via all digital channels.

We provide indisputable evidence of all digital interactions, in accordance with the global regulatory requirements of SEC, FTC, FINRA, ESMA, MIFID, FFSA, and more. Qumram also facilitates fraud detection, and the big data we capture supports customer experience analysis.

  • Marries the needs of Marketing with the requirements of Compliance
  • 100% replication of all digital interaction
  • Complies with all digital record-keeping regulations
  • Supports highest digital security standards
  • Complete transparency for your digital business
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Our clients are achieving business growth without compromising either customer service or compliance

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